Parallel strips

Modular false ceiling with parallel strips for indoor environments, particularly suitable for open-space spaces, corridors, conference rooms, offices and more.
Vert BANDRASTER is the solution for a false ceiling with a strong aesthetic impact, which can be inspected at any point.
The parallel bands dominate the rooms and lengthen the perspective, the panels cut the perspective giving a light orthogonal effect. Vert BANDRASTER expresses all its beauty when integrated with the ceiling light inside the panel or the parallel strip. The parallel strips are made with the best materials, available in aluminium and steel, and with different finishes.

Technical specifications

European regulation:CE - EN 13964
Durability:Class B
Fire resistance:A1
Acoustic absorption:EN ISO 354
Standard colour:Prepainted White DONN-WHITE • Silver • Mirror aluminium
Post painted RAL - NCS - Sublimated
Standard material:Aluminium (Alloy 3000H46)
Galvanized steel (DX51DZ)
Standard thickness:0,4 - 0,5 - 0,6 mm
Standard modules:600x1200 mm straight edge
400x1200 mm straight edge
600x1800 mm straight edge
500x1800 mm straight edge
Average system weight:4-5 kg/mq