Made of sturdy 8/10 steel sheet, it guarantees the perfect airtightness for its complete integrability into the VertLAB false ceiling. It can be made of painted steel or stainless steel with side or top connection.

As far as ventilation and air-conditioning systems are concerned, our system is quipped with plenum, diffusers and extract slots, made of panels with the same aesthetic and performance characteristics of the panels.


  • High finish and perfect tight construction;
  • Clinched circular connection with suitable high temperature resistant sealing;
  • 4 brackets for ceiling fitting;
  • Slots for the complete integration of the diffuser panel.



Optional: mechanical setting shut off and filter control valve

The plenums in the version equipped by mechanical shut-off permit an accurate flow setting. The shut-off can be motorized upon request.

Swirl effect diffuser

Extract air panels

PLENUM and diffuser panels of Vert LAB system installation