Lightness and strength are the characteristics of the P300-B15 strip at a maximum length of 3000 mm.
The system consists of a perimeter and a self-supporting strip, both in pre-painted steel – thickness 7/10.
Perimeter has a 30x30x30mm C section and in one section the upper edge is slotted to allow the insertion of the strip, to be closed later on site.
The strip has a 300mm base and an overall height of 30mm. Its section allows the strips to be joined together and its ribbing increases the resistance to bending.

Technical characteristics

Finishing:prepainted galvanized steel
Width:300 ± 1 mm
Max. length:3000 ± 1 mm
Thickness:0.7 ± 0.01 mm
Weight:± 8,7 Kg/m2

Insulating material

Type:mineral wool
Density:66 kg/m 3
Thickness:30 mm