The flexible VERTEBRA profiles allow the creation of walls, false ceilings, ceiling vertical drops and luminous gorges that can be customised with a curved trend. It is also possible to create different vaulted ceilings, such as: barrel vaults, cross vaults, pavilion, sail and dome vaults. It is easy to create infinite curved solutions, such as the wall, the arch in the wall, a wave shape, a curved veil… in short, there is no limit to the shape.

VERTEBRA® profile

Flexible rail profile with bendable elements with 50 mm pitch (GV30) or 80 mm pitch (GV50 / GV55 / GV75 / GV100) suitable as curved rail for curved walls; can also be used as curved perimeter profile.

VERTEBRA® scalino profile

Flexible profile with fins having bendable elements with pitch 50 mm to be used as curved rail to create curved walls and steps; it can be also used as curved perimeter profile.

VERTEBRA® VT45 profile

Flexible click-on carrier with bendable elements with 80 mm pitch suitable as curved structure on which profiles SP45/27 or SP45/18 are to be clicked onto to create barrel vaults with double non complanate frame.

Rigid VARIANGOLO profile

Rigid angular profile with adjustable angle, indispensable as perimeter for barrel vaults, curved walls and inclined false ceilings.

Flexible VARIANGOLO profile

Flexible angular profile with adaptable angle and curvature, having bendable elements with 50 mm pitch, suitable as curved perimeter profile to create vaults crossings, sail vaults and domes.

PH / PH Special profile

Patented profiles designed as frame for “H” beams and columns (PH profile)  and double H (PH Special profile).

PARC coated edge profile

Edge complex to create curved edges already pre-painted, composed of a DX51D galvanized steel profile (thickness 0.6 mm) and a cladding profile to be inserted by slipping that can be in pre-painted galvanized steel or pre-painted aluminium with thickness 0.4 or 0.5 mm.