European Week for Safety and Health at Work

The guarantee of the highest standards to protect the Health and Safety of employees has always characterized Guerrasio Group.

In this particular historical phase where the Health Emergency from Covid-19 and the continuous accidents and deaths in the workplace, of which we have daily news from the media, we are even more committed to the control of the people who access our production sites and to the training of our employees.

To support this important objective, we have adopted the international standard ISO 45001, which is based on a number of key principles:

  • Risk based thinking;
  • Analysis of the context, including social, legal, regulatory and urban aspects of the environment in which the company operates;
  • Evaluation of leadership in the commitment to new management;
  • Active and permanent involvement of workers, starting with the Prevention and Protection Service Manager (RSPP) and the Workers’ Safety Representative (RLS);
  • Discipline of all aspects of outsourcing, because it is mainly between contractors and outsourcers that the most injuries and accidents occur in the workplace.

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