From today with PALLBOX you can transport the entire Vertebra Range

Thanks to the revolutionary PALLBOX patent you can combine space and transport needs for the entire VERTEBRA® Range.
Pallboxes are convenient boxes, sturdy and durable cartons that provide excellent permormance for both transport and protection of the entire VERTEBRA® Range.

In fact, from today you can transport not only the GV30, GV50 and GV75 but also the other curved profiles: GV100, VT50, VS30, VS50 and VAF.

The strength lies primarily in versatility, as:

  • It makes logistics and storage easier;
  • Corresponding costs and minimum quantities to be purchased are reduced;
  • Just open the box, pick, cut and use only the desired amount of product.

But it has numerous advantages including: zero waste, simplified storage, optimized transportation and last but not least, it is totally recyclable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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