Guerrasio colours

Our business has grown and diversified over time. Every time that the market, technology or innovations we have produced have shown new fields of intervention we have expanded our production. And so, starting from an artisanal carpentry activity, today GUERRASIO activity has been structured into several operating divisions, each one specialized in the market segment it presides over.

In fact, alongside the industrial coordination activity, there are the structures dedicated to the design and production of integrated false ceilings, our marine division, the one that produces profiles and structures for plasterboard and false ceilings, the healthcare division, the one that deals with special projects and innovation and the one for road noise barriers.

The new coordinated image that we have adopted takes up the heritage of the historic brand while respecting its identity and the values of passion and quality that distinguish our history.

And it is declined using a prevailing colour for all the communication of each operating division, characterizing it with one element (the colour) and leaving the group recognizability to the other (the shape).

Thus, the division that deals with integrated false ceilings in panels, sstrips and cell ceilings is characterised by RED, the profiles and structures division by BLUE, the marine division by LIGHT BLUE, the one that deals with products linked to the healthcare market by LILLA, GREEN is for road noise barriers and finally ORANGE for the innovation and special projects division.

Lots of different colours for our activities, just one brand to underline the passion we put in doing things and the pride for a story that is now over 50 years old.

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