Padiglione del Mare – La Maddalena

Place of installation: Padiglione del Mare – La Maddalena, Sardinia
False ceilings: c400 custom strips

At the Padiglione Del Mare by La Maddalena in Sardinia, the new structures integrate perfectly with the granite arches of the existing buildings.
For this evocative location, Guerrasio supplied customised large format panels.
The type of panel realised, measuring 400x3000mm, has the geometric section of a C-type strip that hooks onto a carrier rigidly suspended to the ceiling, with a dedicated geometry to accommodate the strip and make it resistant to the action of the wind. The strips are flush, without bevelling, and all alignments are ensured by the upper carrier. Each strip element has been protected with a double paint cycle, making the ceiling suitable for outdoor installation.