TAV station Afragola

Custom false ceilings and walls

Designer: Zaha Hadid Architect
Afragola (NA) – Italy

In full synergy with the ZHA studio responsible for the artistic direction of the work, we have designed internal and external false ceilings in compliance with the materials of the specifications and by working not only on the form but also on the functions, we have made everything harmonious and integrated.
Acoustic comfort, air conditioning, continuous lighting integrated in our false ceiling which also had the advantage of completely concealing the plant engineering part, in harmony with the design project of the structure.
All the panels can be inspected at any point, and have an anti-tilt and anti-fall safety system.
The Vertebra curved system was used to create the monolithic surfaces in coated plaster. Also in this case, our Technical Department supported the company in the design of the flexible ribs that gave life to the architectural volume of the Station.