The future of customisation, a leap forward in production

New changes are taking place in the heart of our production department.
In this new area, we have revolutionised the concept of custom products, completing the first phase of our ‘know-how’ with a new entry added to the production line, which will continuously improve product quality, production process efficiency and at the same time create customised solutions.
Through this new addition, we continue to push the limits of innovation and be at the forefront in offering customised false ceiling and cladding solutions.

The news

Reduced production times
Thanks to this advanced technology, we are able to speed up the production process without compromising on quality.

Greater versatility
This machinery allows us to adapt to a wide range of products and materials, providing more flexibility in our operations.

High quality standards
Despite shorter production times, our commitment to quality remains unchanged. We continue to guarantee the highest quality standards in every manufactured product.

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