With Guerrasio, unique architectural solutions

Guerrasio is a place where you can transform your ideas into real solutions;
In other words, a company that makes every architectural project accessible and concrete thanks to the combination of technology and in-house professionalism.
An “Atelier of architecture” with the aid of laser technology, one of the most widely used innovations for cutting and engraving on a multitude of materials, to stitch our product to the architectural project and at the same time maintain high technical standards even for non-series productions.
In fact, the process begins with the graphic design and creation entrusted to the designer, who is called upon to plan the cutting design taking into account various aspects such as: high precision, the possibility of performing several operations in one (engraving, cutting, marking) and flexibility in the realisation of the geometry.

Fast processing times compared to other cutting techniques;
Use on multiple materials: steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, carbon fibre;
High precision: it is possible to create objects without irregular edges, distortions or burrs and with even very complex shapes and dimensions;
Creation of products with a very high level of customisation;
Less production waste than other techniques;

With Guerrasio, you can make high-performing every project.

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