Zinc Magnesium

Zinc Magnesium is an excellent ally for improving corrosion resistance.
In fact, it can provide superior performance compared to traditional products.
Zinc Magnesium features a special coating, composed of zinc with the addition of 3 percent magnesium.

This special chemical composition was developed to offer better performance in terms of corrosion resistance even in the most aggressive environments.
The magnesium content present in Zinc Magnesium, creates, in fact, a surface protective layer that is extremely resistant to corrosive agents, a layer that makes it particularly suitable for use in aggressive environments such as:

  • Environments with high chlorine content (maritime areas or swimming centers)
  • Environments with high ammonia content (the stables, farms or greenhouses)
  • Environments with high SO2 content (severe and/or highly polluted industrial settings)

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