Guerrasio srl: export turnover plan 2018-2020

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Asse 3 – Obiettivo specifico 3.4 – Azione 3.4.2
Concessione di Contributi finalizzati al finanziamento di programmi di internazionalizzazione delle micro e pmi campane.

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Regione Campania (
Por Campania FESR 2014-2020 ( Da specificare la nota 2.1 a pagina 6

The Regional Operational Program (POR), is the tool through which the Campania Region, thanks to the approximately 600 million euros made available by the European Union, the State and the Region itself, developed a social growth plan from 2014 to 2020 and economic in the fields of industrial development, the digital agenda, the environment and innovation.

The European Regional Development Fund, summarily called ERDF, is one of the European Structural and Investment Funds whose goal is to finance development projects within the European Union.

Antonio Guerrasio srl has been awarded a grant aimed at financing Internationalization Programs of Campania’s micro and SMEs (Guerrasio srl: export turnover plan 2018-2020 Axis 3 – Specific objective 3.4 – Action 3.4.2).

The goal is to acquire new customers on the market. The first countries identified where to activate international commercial development actions are: France, Switzerland, Romania.

The activity abroad is preceded by the development and study of an accurate ad hoc multi-channel communication campaign to capture the interest of stakeholders. The site will be linguistically accessible for all target countries.

The purpose of the internationalization program, in addition to penetrating the reference markets, is to implement a marketing -> sales SYSTEM that can become a real driving force for the planned growth for the company.

The internationalization program of Guerrasio Antonio srl includes the following INTERVENTIONS:

  1. Incoming of foreign operators at the Campania headquarters of the company;
  2. Bilateral meetings between Italian and foreign operators, workshops and seminars abroad or in Italy;
  3. Communication actions;
  4. Specialist support.

The project focuses on the strategic choice of a communication that allows to increase the international visibility of the brand by leveraging a message that highlights the importance of the added values ​​offered by the brand and the elements of uniqueness related to it. Communication will be developed in this direction in all the means that will be used during the project. The marketing and communication project is based on the general objective of lead generation (commercial opportunities) and the maximization of responses from potential customers, scouting actions for international commercial opportunities will be implemented. To this end, both for the activities developed online and for direct marketing and off-line actions, they will pursue the final goal of obtaining the maximum possible conversion rate.

The project and its objectives

Datail of activities for spacialised support

  • Development of Marketing Plan for internationalisation
    The Marketing Plan had the objective of identifying the actions to be carried out according to the selected markets, defining the brand positioning and therefore choosing which are the differentiating values to be communicated to the market, identifying the target audience according to the treated country, monitoring the results of the activities and if necessary making optimisations to the strategy also during the execution of the process.
    The marketing and communication project is based on the general objective of lead generation (business opportunities) and maximising responses from potential customers, scouting actions were implemented to search for the best business opportunities in the target countries.
    Specialist market research advice was based on scenario analysis according to product sector. The final result was to identify some development possibilities useful for the company’s positioning strategy and the elaboration of the operational marketing plan.
  • Search for foreign operators/partners aimed at entering new foreign markets or expanding presence in foreign markets / DIRECT MARKETING WITH EXPORT ACCOUNTS
    The activity carried out was of the push type aimed at identifying target contacts (distributors, importers, trading companies, agents, end customers, etc.).
    The work was carried out using dedicated databases, acquiring lists of target operators and using Linkedin.
    This activity generated more than one hundred contacts divided by country (see the annex of the activity for numerical feedback) with the result of having a useful database to carry out marketing and remarketing actions even after the project itself.

In addition, having obtained the registration of decision makers and prospective customer contacts, we obtained authorisation to periodically receive information produced by the customer (newsletters and other), making the database proactive and generating useful contacts for the Guerrasio company in the medium term.

The target audience was carefully segmented, through telephone marketing and e- mail marketing integrated with telephone activity. Potential business partners received digital presentations and catalogues designed to be delivered by email through a direct marketing action.

The result of the action was that we received interesting feedback from the interlocutors, obtaining the possibility of making important proposals, including commercial ones, with a couple of finalisations (purchases) in particular in Switzerland.

Results achieved

Contacts until 5 March 2021:
Switzerland 41
Romania 36
France 59

Contacts from 5 March to 5 June 2021 (extension)
Switzerland 6
Romania 5
France 5

Total contacts 152

Sales 2

Detail of communicazion activities

  • Creation of websites, portals and other web-based environments in the language of the target country(ies) or in English aimed exclusively at promotional activities
  • Implementation of web marketing activities aimed at target markets
  • Communication and advertising actions on international markets
Visual design activities

The creative direction activity concerned the design of various tools for corporate communication, both online and offline.
In particular, it focused on the production of catalogues and product data sheets.
A sober and clean graphic line was adopted, reflecting the dynamism of a modern and up-to-date company.
The use of ad hoc photographic material helped to highlight the quality of the products.
The technical drawings, then, made it possible to provide an even more detailed description, accompanied by clear and exhaustive copywriting.
The choice of lettering also reflects the graphic cleanliness of the visual, with the use of a stick font that harmoniously integrates with the construction lines of the project drawings.
The final objective was to communicate the company by combining the emotional experience with the more strictly technical aspects of this sector.

Minisite – Landing pages —  per foreign markets

The project envisaged, in a first phase, the implementation of a landing page in English to be published on a dedicated page functional to the web marketing and communication needs necessary for the internationalisation process.
Subsequently, the same page was translated into the mother tongues of the target countries in order to be further effective in the web marketing action.
The link between the landing pages and the company website was ensured so that the interlocutors could find the entire company offer starting from the products “pushed” in the landing pages.
The “minisites” generated exclusive and original content related to a group of keywords of interest or to a dedicated product/service.
In the case in point, the web product included all the information necessary for the presentation of the company’s products, in particular the best-selling ones in the target countries.
Communication was developed according to the target audience (distributors, importers, end customers, etc.).
The link to the institutional website allows the user to connect to the official website at any time and to learn more about the contents of the Company.
The “minisite” was published in the languages in which the commercial actions were developed.

Web marketing campaign (SEM) per internationalisation

It is crucial for any web project to implement a web marketing plan aimed at making the site, or certain sections of it, visible in the search engines of the countries of interest.
A web marketing campaign is an example of a pull strategy, i.e. a marketing strategy that relies on potential customers contacting those offering the products/services.
The web product undoubtedly becomes the expression of the company’s content and image to its target market, but it is designed and implemented in consideration of a marketing strategy that goes far beyond the aspects of design and content. Multiple response paths, reference urls to monitor conversion rates, publication of the site’s content in “channelling paths” aimed at filling in interaction forms, landing pages and welcome pages, are themes that lie at the heart of a web marketing project for new business.

The project based its structural effectiveness on SEM (search engine marketing), which involves the use of the “pay per click” strategy without considering at this stage activities aimed at organic indexing (SEO).
The strategy adopted was to invest a limited budget but sufficient to obtain guaranteed and immediate visibility as soon as the campaign was launched.

Pay per click

The PAY PER CLICK campaign was initially developed in Google’s Ad Words network according to the country of intervention and the online search habits of the target users.
We carried out a study of the competition, researching the most important keywords for the business in question, devising a strategy aimed at increasing the number of visitors to the web product to be indexed.

Results obtained (SEM)

Views 5.300
Click 79

Views 726
click 39

Views 1229
Click 24